About us

Adress: Laplands Wolftrail

Kattistjörn 9

93591 Norsjö kommun Sweden

Emailadress: laplandswolftrail@hotmail.com (we have no phone)


Laplands Wolftrail represents small scale, durability and quality. No mass or soft tourism but ‘the real thing’. One of the few sleddog farms worldwide working with alaskan malamutes, the most powerful sled dog breed.

Manager and guide Steven Lietaer

Steven Lietaer grew up in Wielsbeke, Belgium. As a kid he was already fascinated with snow but only at the age of 28 he got involved in dog sledding. In 2004 he decided to make his living from his passion and went to Northern Europe. First he went to Estonia, where he established Karulas Wolftrail, named after the Karula National Park, close to where he lived, and in 2014 he continued the business under the new name Laplands Wolftrail in Swedish Lapland. He is now not only manager and guide in his own company, but became a reputated alaskan malamute breeder and long distance musher.  In 2014, 2015,2017 and 2018 he has succesfully ran 4 long distance races.


Your hostess Esther Quatfass

Esther comes from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Living in a natural environment has always had a strong attraction to her. Since 2008 she lives and works with Steven and within the company she helps with the care and training of dogs. Esther is a passionate author of fictional novels and short stories. (www.estherquatfass.nl)

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