Packing list

Daily temperatures can fluctuate between +3 and -30 degrees Celsius. To sledding and camping comfortable at -30 degrees we offer the necessary equipment: thermal suit with cap, snow boots, headlamp, ski goggles, extra mittens, balaclava, sleeping mattress, arctic sleeping bag. These you should supplement with the following equipment:

  • long thermal underwear (for body and leggs) + possibly spare pair if you want to change
  • jogging pants
  • cap
  • 2/3 sweaters
  • gloves
  • 2/3 pair of socks

All clothing is best synthetic material or wool. Cotton is strongly discouraged, because it collects moisture (sweat) what makes you cooling down quickly.

People who wear glasses, we highly recommand to take lenses. With glasses there is a high risc you will loose him during sledding, and your bread with freeze on the glas whay decreases visibility.