Tour description

This is no mass or solf tourism, but ‘the real thing’. This also imposes demands on the participants. Read the conditions of participation (see link under ‘The sleddog tour’ tab) before booking.

  • maximum 3 persons per tour
  • driving your ‘own’  sled and dogteam
  • no snowmobile guidance
  • very challenging and varied tour
  • ice fishing
  • winter camping



The silence of Lapland


Leave your daily grind behind and re-source in the silence of our 5-day dog ​​sled tour.
This program can be called a 5 day meditation. Not in the form of five days sitting still on a pillow, but in the form of a guided dog sledding tour where you are very actively involved. At times the adrenaline is pumping through your body, later you will experience quiet concentration while at night experience total peace and quiet.
You become a musher. You feed and water your dogs, put them in team, take their harnassen on and off and you drive your own sled. You also read the dogs and stop the team by braking when nescasary and get hypnotized by their walking rhythm. This forces you to be where you are in the here and now.
The winter camp with all its small but necessary tasks such as chopping wood, drilling water, or even taking off your snow boots, gloves and thermojackets and storing them for the night will ask for your presence of mind.
The guide provides the necessary explanation and is all your best example. But also his silence takes you back to the here and now present in the moment.

The tour day by day

Day 1

In the afternoon you will be picked up at the airport in the coastal city of Skellefteå. We drive two hours inland, where the farm is located in a hilly forest interspersed with vast marshes and many frozen lakes. In the evening you can enjoy a warm meal and depending on your arrival hour you will get the first introduction to dog sledding. Overnight you’re doing on the farm in a cosy privat room with view on the dogyards.

Day 2

We are up early for the first encounter with the dogs and giving their morning soup. Then you get extensive information about how to read and treat the dogs and how to drive the sled. We fit the full winter gear and then it’s time for the first mushing experience.

Once you have hooked up your dogs in your own team you are leaving individually with the guide and his team up front for a test drive. Along the way you learn to control the sled brake and the dogs and learn some useful mushing-tricks. In the afternoon we get ready for the departure of the expedition. After a tour of about 2 hours we arrive at a tiny island in the lake Storträsket. This night we sleep in a tent, but first we feed the dogs, we chop wood, we melt snow for drinking water and prepare food on the campfire. We work together as a team. Everyone does his share and grill his own meat. On a clear night there is a good chance to see the northern lights. The cold has made us tired, but around the wood stove in the tent and then in the arctic sleeping bag it is warm.

Day 3

Waking up in deap freeze temperatures requires a high-calorie breakfast around the fire. After the watering of the dogs, you go ice fishing. After lunch we continue our journey. We mushing 3 to 4 hours with a short break halfway with hot chocolate. In the late afternoon we reach the wilderness cabin beautifully situated on the lake. First we install and feed the dogs and the evening we spend at a crackling wood stove. Those who want it really hot can enjoy the sauna and blowing off steam by rolling in the snow.

Day 4

Well heated and rested we are making today the longest and hardest trip of the expedition, with a distance between 30 to 55 km we stand 5 to 6 hours on the sled. For the dogs a physical challenge but a mental challenge for the musher. We pass along view points where we experience the vastness of Lapland. We will stop for lunch. Today there is a chance that wild animals crosses our path. Bears sleep now, but wolves, foxes, birds hidden beneath the snow, elk and herds of reindeer can stimulate the hunting instinct of the dogs, resulting in an exciting acceleration of the pace. In the late afternoon we arrive back at the farm. There is plenty of time to cuddle the dogs of your team after we put them back in their dogyard. Then you can more than ever enjoy the hot shower. In evening we can chat about the journey during dinner. Salmon and our own catched fish on the menu!

Day 5

After the last night on the farm with breakfast we say goodbye to the dogs and leave to the airport.